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  Epistam 67ba4a7008 Fixed missed WIP paths 2 weeks ago
  Epistam eafbd235ff Fixed menu 2 weeks ago
  Epistam b85f60bc15 Added WIP page and menu redirections 2 weeks ago
  Epistam cfc8a16c34 Fixed shitty icons 2 weeks ago
  Epistam f26b9a6fb6 CNES logo 2 weeks ago
  Epistam af7c2df3c5 Added actual quotes to carroussel 2 weeks ago
  Epistam ddf2d388a6 Updated links and tinier titles for student landing page 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 7c6f860db0 Added student landing page 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 84ae8d0b0c Disabled english and images in PFH temporarily 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 6bd092b2a5 DC3 test 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 6133c4edb4 Added BS + beer 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 2239880dc8 Changed kaleidoscopes transparency 2 weeks ago
  Epistam c587f2750e ST2, NH3, BS2w 2 weeks ago
  Epistam a594782895 FC2 + NH3 fixes 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 99f83a90e1 Corrected contact info 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 8cf4f06b2d Created PFH skeleton 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 6a7fae605a Added short description for NH3 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 101b278bb6 Added PFH banner, NH image, md header for PFH page 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 5757b99f90 image transparency 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 228970a8aa Edited texts and images 2 2 weeks ago
  Epistam e6abf5de56 Edited texts and images 2 weeks ago
  Epistam ad889bb315 Fixed texts (again) 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 2cc98eb139 Fixed texts 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 0e8ae1503b Removed footer menu, added most PFHs 2 weeks ago
  Epistam cf4f0927dd Fix link path and background image path 2 weeks ago
  Epistam a712bf6888 Fixed base URL and added PFH support 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 6fd8d007d6 Fixed the submodules mess 2 weeks ago
  Epistam 34f64e80f6 Main page tweaks and fixes, switch to new domain name 2 weeks ago
  Epistam b4b21a62cc partners image 2 months ago
  Epistam aadb1720c9 Updated opacity 2 months ago
  Epistam 9aa5ad0b74 Updated image 2 months ago
  Epistam 68e8845ba8 Changed homepage image 2 months ago
  Epistam 7d698ca277 Added 'qui sommes nous' image 2 months ago
  Epistam 8f736b53ce I'm serious 2 months ago
  Epistam a2e97b8a85 i don't know anymore 2 months ago
  Epistam e8d8b62a19 test homepage modules + menu corrections 2 months ago
  Epistam dd28b59b3e Homepage qui sommes nous 2 months ago
  Epistam 9838f4480a Changed logo 2 months ago
  Epistam 7a5e4f9ccf New site root 2 months ago
  Epistam 9e954c0ecd Forked theme repo for small mods, changed homepage 2 months ago
  Epistam 878f4dddb4 Removed submodule 2 months ago
  Epistam c49682cea4 Tests layout site et homepage 2 months ago
  Epistam 0654e27233 Tests layout site et homepage 2 months ago
  Epistam 3f6ae11011 Structure site v1.3 2 months ago
  Epistam 78e796d124 Structure site v1.2 2 months ago
  Epistam ab78382842 Structure site v1.1 2 months ago
  Epistam 185df73b61 Structure site v1 2 months ago
  Epistam f355b1d082 config.toml edits and multilang menu tests 2 months ago
  Epistam 9e0b6aab5a Example website 2 months ago
  AirESIEA 5aa1d96ebc Initial commit 2 months ago